The entire HUL team wishes to thank all the following without whom it would have been impossible to conduct Do Din smoothly

First and foremost we wish to thank the director, principal admin staff and maintenance staff of
Vidyaranya school for allowing us use of the school premises and extending all possible support to the executing of Do Din.

We thank the Centre for Economic and Social Studies (CESS) for collaborating with us for the event.

We thank Siva Graphics and Mani printers for printing the publicity material and souvenirs at very short notice.

We thank Beam cable network for providing us wi fi  facility at the venue.

Thank you Ajay (manager at Rock Castle) and team for providing us hot and timely lunches during the two days of the event.

Thank you to ALL THE RESOURCE PEOPLE local and non-local, who gave life to the different sessions at Do Din.

Thank you Harsha Vadlamani for procuring and curating a remarkable set of photographs so representative of the urban.

A special thanks to the founder of Iconart gallery, Dr. Avani Gandra and her artists for their unfailing enthusiastic participation at Do Din.

A very warm thanks to the Urban Fellows from IIHS, Bangalore.

And our heartfelt thanks to all visitors, guests and participants at the meeting