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Prasad Shetty

Prasad Shetty is an urban planner and founder Faculty at the School of Environment and Architecture (SEA).

He will be on a panel on urban planning at Do Din.

Gautam Bhan

Gautam Bhan is an academic, activist, author and a Senior Consultant at the Indian Institute for Human Settlements. His research focuses on the politics of poverty, inequality and development in Indian cities with reference to housing, social security, governance and urban and planning theory.

He will be conducting a workshop on research methodology (Framing an enquiry) at Do Din.

Dr. Anita Patil D

Anita Patil-Deshmukh a public health practitioner is also the executive Director of PUKAR.

She will be conducting a pre Do Din workshop on community Health at HUL and a presentation on PUKAR at Do Din.

Gauhar Raza

Gauhar Raza is a scientist, a communication teacher, a film maker, an activist and a poet.

At Do Din he will share his poetry and he will do a workshop on Youth and politics.

Partha Mukhopadhyay

Partha Mukhopadhyay senior fellow at the Centre for Policy Research is also an advisor to the Central and state governments on economic and infrastructure issues.

He will be delivering the Valedictory speech at Do Din.

Jayaraj Sundaresan

Jayaraj Sundaresan is co-director of the Urban Fellowship Program at iihs, Bangalore.

He will also be talking of the commons.

Karen Coelho

Karen Cohelo is an urban anthropologist serving as faculty at the Madras Institute of Development Studies (MIDS), Chennai.

She will be sharing her work on urban commons.

Nityanand Jayraman

Nityanand Jayaraman is a Chennai-based writer and social activist who helps mobilise young people and engage them in social and environmental justice struggles.

He will present a talk on the Chennai floods and its aftermath.

Kinnera Murthy

Kinnera Murthy former dean (Academics) ASCI, is a BITS, Pilani alumni. She has a rich experience in management consulting and training senior level executives.

She will be a critical observer and conduct a conversation with Kuppili Padma.

Avani Rao Gandra

Avani Rao Gandra is an artist academic, a writer and a promoter of the arts. She is also the founder of ICONART Contemporary Art Gallery).

She will be curating art installations by her team of artists at Do Din.

Arun Ganesh

Arun is an interaction designer, programmer and according to Pascal Neis’ OpenStreetMap profiles — a crazy mapper booking more than 7,000 edits on OpenStreetMap. He is an avid editor on the Wikipedia project where he contributed many of India’s maps. Prior to joining Mapbox Arun worked with the Tata Institute of Social Sciences to help develop the geography portion of a national education plan for youth in India.

Anupam Kunapuli

Anupam Kunapuli was trained in Carnatic classical music but has been performing on the key board for over a decade.

He will play the piano for us.

Sharan Goud

Sharan Goud is an engineering student who has trained himself as a   beat boxer.

He will weave his magic at Do Din ’16.

Deepa Kiran

Deepa Kiran the founder of Story Arts India is a storyteller, education consultant, writer and voice-over artist who lives in Hyderabad and holds her shows and workshops across the country.

She will perform a story in Do Din’s creative expression segment.

Dr Subhadra Jalali

Dr Subhadra Jalali is a highly qualified ophthalmologist who has worked at L.V.Prasad Eye Institute, Hyderabad, India for many years. She has played a pivotal role in the control of visual loss from retinopathy of prematurity not only in India but also elsewhere.

Maheep Singh Thapar

Maheep Singh Thapar, Urban Planner and consultant to state governments has helped design the master plan of many cities in the country. 

He will be part of a panel on planning in Hyderabad.

Mateen Ansari

Mateen Ansari, spent several years in the US as a social gerontolist before returning to her home town of Hyderabad.

She will be sharing her experiences of working for the wellbeing of the aged and ageing

Harsha Vadlamani

Harsha Vadlamani is an independent photographer / curator based out of Hyderabad and Delhi. He is also the founder and curator of Galli Magazine, an online space showcasing visual storytelling from India.

He will be curating the photo exhibition at Do Din.

Arvind Lodaya

is a multi-sectorial design professional. His focus has been on integrating design with deep values.

At Do Din 16 he will be a critical observer apart from doing a design workshop with young professionals.


KUPPILI PADMA is a Telugu author and columnist who has several published works on fiction and non fiction to her credit. She is a story teller with a distinct understanding of and empathy for the ways in which progress impacts the life of women.

She can be heard in conversation with Dr. Kinnera Murthy on literature and life.


MIR ALI HUSAIN wears many hats. He is a management professor, poet, script writer, translator, author and a story teller.

He will be presenting a session on Urdu poetry and modern India.