Hyderabad Urban Lab (HUL) began in mid 2012 as a programme of the Right to the City Foundation (TRTCF), a public charitable trust based in Hyderabad. The aim of the programme was to conduct research on urban issues in a way that would bridge the gap between academic urban research and life at ground zero.

The governing body of TRTCF had as its members, Dr. Biju Mathew, Mr Ashar Farhan, Mr. Bharat Bhushan, Dr. Vamsi Vakulabharanam, Dr. Vinay Gidwani and Dr. Anant Maringanti who served as the Executive Director of HUL.

In January 2016, when the programme was sufficiently grounded and had acquired its own life, the governing board of HUL, decided to reincorporate it as a non-profit company (section 8) under the name Hyderabad Urban Lab Foundation.

While the reincorporation (in June 2016) gives HUL, a legal existence, in spirit it has enabled us to continue to work towards the objectives that HUL set up for itself in 2012.

The HUL logo represents the urban grid, an interconnected network of resources and opportunities that should ideally be available and accessible to everyone who stakes a claim to them. In other words the logo represents the city as a space of resource sharing and opportunity generation for everyone that is part of it