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Plaster on the wound

Eco systems of good health, air, earth , community , security , peace – while this is what life on the earth seeks ,  within the infrastructure and walls of city- urban life , welfare activity... Read more..

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Identity in belonging and in movement

In the second Do Din – 2014, we organized our first workshop on politics and young people. The idea was to explore how in the span of one generation, the political idiom that inspires and mobilizes... Read more..

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Health, medicine and the city @ Do Din 2016

Cities have historically been centres of advanced medical care. One of the first establishments set up in Hyderabad when it was founded four centuries ago was Dar Ul Shifa – the gateway to... Read more..

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Please do come to Do Din 2016

How it began: In mid 2013, when Hyderabad Urban Lab was a fledgling urban research programme, some of us based in Hyderabad got together to discuss the possibility of organising an urban event that... Read more..

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